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Ode to Gaynelle Cox - A Love Poem Storms&MarysTearsCntst


n the Sixties there were shockingly high statistics of misplaced children in juvenile facilities across America.

They were housed in correctional institutions for lack of anywhere else to place them. It's not that these kids had broken the law or done anything wrong but were there due to lack of parental support or abusive treatment.

At that time, in Atlanta, Georgia there was a couple with two boys of their own, who were determimed to do whatever they could to help those kind of kids.

They were temporary emergancy-shelter parents who would take in "good kids in bad situations" for a period of 30 days. In their 20 year career of temp-sheltering with Dekalb/Fulton Counties of Atlanta, Georgia, the Cox's saw over 1,440 teenagers go through their home and hearts.

By the Grace of God, I was one of those kids and able to go back to their care multiple times!

We have maintained a relationship all these years and I adore them for many things. Not the least of which was offering kids in confusing situations, some with severe problems, their home for restoration in an atmosphere of love.

It is to:

Gaynelle Cox

I submit this token tribute with All of My Heart and Gratitude.

>>> >>> > < <<< <<<

Peaceful she came into this world,
A precious, God-made baby girl.
Blairsville, Georgia was her birthplace,
She grew up at a country pace.

She met Rex, who became her man,
Together had a goodwill plan.
Two sons came to enrich their life,
They were solid as man and wife.

Little did she realize back then,
She would steal the kid's hearts and win,
Homeless children who knew no love,
He'd sent His best from up above.

Her way was sweet and so demure,
For God gave her, the children's cure.
Lots of love and discipline too,
She always knew just what to do.

She always took whatever time
She needed to resolve and prime.
Adolescence came tumblin' out,
She cast aside... all fear and doubt.

We, jealous of Stinky and Bart,
Had all Gaynelle's love from the start.
We never had a Mom like that
And Stinky was the biggest brat!

Her biscuits prized and loved by all,
Seconds were given by her call.
Her voice angelic and so sweet,
Could blush sooo big, a sunburned beet!

Her country music made her sing
As she brushed her hair and did her thing.
We would poke fun and laugh out loud,
But she could make us dad-gum proud.

Her singing with Loretta Lynn,
Of honky-tonks and wayward men.
Liked Merle Haggard a whole lot too.
We loved the fact that ... you were you!

We helped with meals and did KP,
"Spirit of Teamwork" was her key.
Our jobs would change from week to week,
She'd check 'em close, like, cheek-to-cheek!

No one wanted the bathroom job,
Her nose would wrinkle, flare and bob.
Sending us back to clean Her Way,
If we didn't? ... She had A L L   D A Y !

Our spirit's bruised and damage done,
They'd turn us around with some fun.
Showing us all they truly cared
In how they gave and loved and shared.

Rex in the pickup to his lake,
So all of us could take a break.
Fishing, playing, hiking around,
Happier voices did resound.

Gaynelle was our "mercy mother",
In our life ... there was no other.
To love us like she freely did,
That fact she never ever hid.

How could I put into words,
How she spoke to us? God has heard!
For Christ lives in her heart and soul,
She's born for this important role.

Working with her she taught me well,
Epitome of: "Southern Belle".
I learned so much in record time,
Leaving their nest; I was primed!

I love her large, I love her still,
Within my heart I always will.
She's Daughter of The King of Kings,
Only missing her Angel's Wings.

She'll get those on the day that He
Takes her Home, away from me.
I'll rejoice, when she's in that place,

Where Heaven's Glory lights her face!

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© Copyright 2006 Storm Into Fall Cleaning (UN: stormcloud at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Storm Into Fall Cleaning has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

 Please help build this information base, share your Fostering experiences.
All stories welcomed.
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