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 Brief Intro. Menorca (Minorca), a small island with great character. Where the traditional Minorcan way of life has not been swept away by mass tourism. Small harbours, sheltered coves, quiet beaches. Minorca, an island with a mysterious prehistoric past whose legacy can been seen over the whole island. Caves, talaiots, taules ... Minorca, the eternal face of the Mediterranean. Within reach. All Minorca's charms are never more than 40 Km away.

Minorca has the greatest concentration of discovered pre-historic and bronze-age settlements in the world and at only 30 miles by 12 miles it has been a favoured site for many nations including Romans, Arabs, Turks and Greeks. The Romans gave the island its present name which means 'little one' in contrast to Majorca which means 'large one'. The island is covered with evidence of settlements and the burial grounds dating from 1500BC are well worth a visit. There are about 45 burial grounds, some of which are accessible.

In this section we will share with you our experiences of Menorca - great beaches, places to eat and our opinion of the major resorts on the island - so come on in and explore.

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