Installing replacement Optical drive in Dell C-Series Caddy

Tools required Phillips: No. 00 driver

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All C-Series Drive Caddies are identical CD CD-RW  DVD-Combo DVD+RW

Remove the 4 number screws securing the drive as per picture.



Remove the 2 screws securing top cover and 2 securing metal cover plate as per picture


Gently slide top cover back approx 1cm and remove by lifting




Lift metal cover by tabs and push away from drive to remove.



Lift drive from back end and gently pull backwards to remove from caddy

Picture showing drive removed from caddy with power connector still fixed



Gently pull power connect from back to remove/unplug.


Fix the power connector to new drive and follow instructions in reverse to reassemble, don't force anything if you have to use force  somethings wrong STOP remove and start again. Job only takes 5-10 mins.

DO not remove the cover on the drive.

Place caddy back into Laptop and Windows will auto detect the new drive and do the setup for you.

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