Instructions, removal and re-fixing G-BAS Laptop Notebook optical drive bezel, CD, CD-RW, COMBO, DVD, DVD-RW, front plastic, face panel, control panel, eject button. Etc.


Open Drive tray, in diagram we use a simple paper clip that fits the emergency eject hole on front of drive. Just straighten the pin on one bend should do the trick. Bezel can be changed whilst drive installed in unit but take care turning upside down, and use towel or cushion to protect your machine.




Simply push the clip into the eject hole as per fig-2 and gentle push, the tray will release and can be withdrawn, to carry out the work.

Fig-3 showing drive released by paper clip.


Removal of front bezel, turn drive over, and you will see 2 plastic clips, one both ends of the drive that hold the bezel into place. Gently push the clip on side shown and the bezel will release on this side. You shouldn’t have to force it, gentle pressure on the clip will release it.



To release the second clip is simply insert small screw driver under the plastic at the side of retaining clip and gentle lift, the clip will release and Job done.

These clips are just snap on and can be removed  with a small amount of force without any tools, by easing the clips you are less likely to damage the old/new Bezel.


Fixing New Bezel



Insert the retaining clip into position as shown in Fig-6 and gently push till it clicks into place.




Locate the second clip into position and gently squeeze the Bezel and tray until it clicks into place.

Check it all looks aligned and push the drive back into the carriage. Install the drive back into Laptop and Job done.


Please dont force anything, if you need to use force something's not right and will break, allow plastics to get to room temperature before commencing  Job, cold plastics are brittle and snap more easily.
Drive used in demo is H&L GWA 4082 but same instruction apply for many other popular brands of drives. Good Luck and remember Take Care.